Gírias Canadenses

A cultura canadense é mais original do que você imagina. Na verdade, use qualquer uma dessas gírias canadenses comuns enquanto visita nossos vizinhos americanos, e você pode ser recebido com um ou dois olhares vazios. Desde pedir seu café em dobro até usar seu toque no inverno – bem.. isso é tão canadense...

Veja aqui alguns exemplos:

Canadian Tuxedo

A blue denim jacket when worn with a pair of blue jeans? That’s a Canadian tuxedo, and we're proud of it!

Even our American friends love it: remember Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears at the 2001 American Music Awards?


What do you think of when you see one of these colorful, chilly tubes? Freeze pops?

Here, we call ’em freezies! And in the summer, we like to spend our fun money on 'em!


Americans like to go sledding in the winter, but Canadians will always prefer tobogganing.


In Canada, a knit hat in a toque — not a beanie.

Worn by everyone in winter and by hipsters over the summer.


The Tim Hortons' Timbit has become utterly ingrained in Canadian culture.

In the US? Not so much. For our American friends it's a doughnut ball!


When it comes to the sink, Americans turn on the faucet, but a Canadian gets water out of the tap.


In the US, cars get dinged. In Canada, it’s our wallets, as in, “I got dinged 90 bucks for that speeding ticket.”

Gong show

To Americans, The Gong Show is an intentionally awful talent show hosted by a heavily disguised (and proudly Canadian!) Mike Myers.

For us, the term “gong show” (sometimes shortened to “gonger”) is slang for anything that goes off the rails — a wild, crazy or just plain chaotic event.

Homo milk

Every Canadian knows that this is short for homogenized milk.


Americans call it the "men's room" or "ladies' room." We're also promoting more gender neutral terms across our nation for a more inclusive vibe so all Canadians can love their lives.

Chocolate bar

Americans call it a candy bar, which seems weird. To us, gummy worms are candy, ya know?


Runners refer to any kind of athletic footwear.

We support the sneakerhead trend and get why it's all the rage!


A mickey is a 13-ounce (give or take) bottle of hard alcohol.


This is a measurement used to gauge the combined effect of heat and humidity.


A case of 24 beers. Cans or bottles: your choice!


Dreaming of road trips? This is a slang term for "kilometre."


Typically, this means a retired Canadian who travels south for the winter. Usually to tacky parts of Florida or Arizona.

Double Double

What's a double double? A coffee with two milk and two sugar, often ordered at Tim Horton's.